A number of factors distinguish the BARC India rating system.

  1. Transparency

    BARC India follows the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting’s notification with regard to:

    Sample size: The minimum panel size is 20,000 reporting homes, and this number will rise by 10,000 homes every year until it reaches 50,000 reporting panel homes.

    Ownership: No broadcasting or advertising company will be allowed to hold more than 10% of BARC’s shares.

    Audit: We subject ourselves to both external and internal audit.

  2. Advanced watermarking technology
    BARC India uses an advanced, audience measurement technique - audio watermarking, to track content through its broadcast cycle. This is a code inserted into the audio channel of the television signal which transmits through the distribution platforms and cannot be, either deleted or overwritten in the cryptographic family it adopts. This increases the integrity and reliability of the data generated by BARC India’s ratings.
  3. Includes rural households in sample
    In the first round, about 30% of the sample comprises rural households, at an all-India level.
  4. Comprehensive reporting

    BARC India’s system reports the following also:

    Time shifted viewing: Metrics of programs that are recorded and viewed later. We observe VOSDAL, i.e. Viewed on Same Day as Live.

    Simulcast viewing: Details of programs broadcast simultaneously on more than one channels – viewership of every individual channel can be reliably tracked.

    Viewing as per the New SEC (NCCS): Details as per the new classification based on the education of Chief Wage Earner of the family and the number of durables owned by the home from a predefined list of 11 durables.

  5. Advanced BAR-O-meters
    The BAR-O-meters we place in our metered homes are compact and use the latest technology. They have a 3rd-generation OLED display (being more easily visible, this facilitates interaction between the viewer and the bar-o-meter) and an embedded SIM to automatically upload viewing data (tie-ups with leading GSM operators ensure wide coverage).

    As they are indigenously manufactured, they cost almost one-sixth the price of imported meters, which lets us deploy a lot more of them to measure viewership.

  6. Platform agnostic
    The BARC India system captures data about TV content consumed through any form of distribution – Terrestrial, DTH , Analog Cable, Digital Cable and Digital.
  7. Compliance
    BARC India has an audit mechanism in place to ensure its internal processes and Govt guidelines are being followed.