Self assessment checklist - Measurement science-2019-20'Q3

Work From Home - Guidelines for COVID-19

Work From Home Policy - In Case of Emergencies

Main End User License Agreement - Broadcaster - Effective 1st April 2020

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Self Assesment Checklist - Follow Up Report - 2019-2020 Q4

Measurement in a Post-NTO World

Principles of Fair and Permissible Usage of BARC India PrimaVU Ratings - July 2019

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Impact of Co-Viewing on TV Viewership

BARC India Universe Estimate Grid - 2018

BARC India Universe Update - 2018

BARC India Relative Error Whitepaper

Policy For Promo Coding by Variant_April 2018

The Changing Face of TV in India

BARC Code of Conduct For Redressing Viewership Malpractices - Effective 1st April 2020

Policy Governing Intentional BARC India Watermark Switch-Off By Subscribers

Understanding BARC India Metrics

Policy for Genre Classification of TV Channels (Amended)- September 2019

Policy for sharing viewership data for a watermarked channel (Updated)-March 17

BARC India Guidelines for Single Event Reporting (Amended)- July 2019

BARC India Universe Update - 2017

Policy for Genre Classification of TV Channels (Amended)- January 2017

 Policy for Measuring Viewership of Channels Available on Multiple Frequencies- Sept 2016

 Understanding Relative Error- March ‘16

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 Rat‘000s Is Now Impressions‘000s- January ‘16

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Households & Individuals Universe Estimate- October '15

Fidelity Robustness & Accuracy-September '15

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